Backstage Pass
Inner Circle Membership with Mellissa with direct live transmissions, healings, and new teachings every month to support you in bridging the worlds creatively for easier success in business and life.
Are you a creative professional who is spiritually inspired?
Want direct access to futurist insider info with Mellissa
to stay inspired, effective, and prosperous?
Hi, I'm Mellissa!
I'm a Stanford educated former business attorney turned Intuitive.
I have a gift for making sense of deep spiritual wisdom, including the newest futurist trends that are affecting all of us (and especially sensitive creatives like us) right now.  I can explain the underlying shifts happening "backstage" that affect the real world.  

People who listen to these messages make more money, feel more fulfilled, and find a community of other folks who also bridge the worlds.

That's why my clients - from Fortune 500 executives to top tech creatives to gifted energy healers and new-paradigm business leaders - pay thousands of dollars to keep tapping the wisdom that flows through me.  

I know not everyone can afford to pay five figures a month to hear me channel for them personally.  I created this program so that more people can tap the benefits that only the CEOs have been able to afford with me recently! It's time for all of us to tap into the source of creativity so we become more effective leaders in this world.

With your Backstage Pass, you stay inspired and resourced with what's REALLY happening. Instead of just being overwhelmed with all the bad news of the world, you stay aware, sourced, and full of creative impact.

You become part of an insider community.  You can participate live and get your questions answered.  You can feel supported, tuned in, and make sure you stay in touch with the source of all the good stuff.  

You get to stay in touch with all this at a super low price.  Get it now before the price point rises. :))
What do I get with my 
Backstage Pass?
Increase Your Creative Power
Each Event will give you info you can use to stay inspired and create with impact.  When you know the insider info, you do better in business, saving you money and your sanity - cause you know what's up!

Know the energy trends before they happen.  
●Learn steps to become a co-creator with Spirit.
●Understand how current world energies are helping (and hindering) your creative efficacy in the world, and what to do about it.
Make God Fun Again
Life can feel heavy these days.  Even our connection with Source can feel onerous, something else to "do" in a too-busy life.  But connecting with Source and guidance "Backstage" makes the world seem fun again.

Enjoy Mellissa's goofy style, even with the deepest subjects. 
●Learn what's really "happening" so you can laugh at the hilarity of it all!
●Treat yourself to the clearing, lightness and joy that transmit in every event, even if you're watching the recording later!

Stay Inspired and Energized 

These events are not more blah-blah lectures.  These are designed to clear the gunk, fuel you up, and inspire you at every level. 

●Energy healing with every event that many people pay $300+ for, happily. 
●Finally, you can have a community that is both fun and deep, without having to go find them! 
●Attend these events regularly, and you won't have to pay so much for massage, drinks, and meals out - cause you'll be filled up by Source!
Open Your Own Creative Channel
Mellissa has been called a midwife of channels.  Every event is tuned to open your own channel in your own work (not to make you dependent on Mellissa as your only translator).  

●Enjoy multiple versions of the Kundalan Meditation to open your central creative channel. 
●Access many tools and guided meditations that awaken your creative power.  
●Learn the Secrets of the Creative Conduit.

Let Your Invisible Team Help You!
Your guides have been trying to help you.  But you've been too busy and distracted to let them in.  Life gets so much easier when you allow your Backstage staff to send you friends, support and opportunities for wealth!  

●Get closer with your guides at every event. 
●Accelerate your Intuitive Knowing so you make the best decisions. 
●Effortlessly open to receive the luck, love, and riches that your guides have in store for you.

Relax and Receive 
You are a wise, inspired, intuitive person.  So maybe you think you shouldn't need help going Backstage with God.  But you also know that even when you have clarity for others, you don't have that clarity for yourself all the time.  

Is it time to give yourself this membership, to support YOU?  

As a leader, you need this kind of regular tapping into Source.  If you're like most leaders, you've been starving yourself of what you give to others.  This is your chance to  relax, receive, and let yourself be taken care of by your guides and source through this offering.
Here's what people are saying...
Stephanie Mathews
Mellissa’s channeling was so exciting to be a part of. I felt so loved knowing through this whole process I will be able to connect easier and gain more tools and wisdom from my own guides. I am really looking forward to growing deeper together as a group and learning how to connect my spiritual work with my physical work. In such gratitude,  
Mellissa transmits guidance ‘from the other side’ to embody and spread in the world what our souls long to do.Feeling the deep acceptance and encouragement of the soul guides empowers me in my life and work.If you have some venture dollars to spend on growth- inside and in the world - Backstage with God is a good place to put them.
Common Questions & Answers

So what exactly do I get if I get your Backstage Pass thing?
You become a subscriber of Backstage with God, so you get invited to the live events I lead a couple times a month, plus immediate access to the library of past recordings.
Each one will be on a theme that helps creative people live better. Most of them will be live video broadcasting online. In these events, you get an informative peek backstage, into subjects that you don't normally get to know about. You also receive a healing/evolving transmission that feels great. Then you can ask questions and get answers of your own. People report feeling clearer, more connected, and basically healed with each of these experiences. 

What happens if I cannot attend the live session?
If you can't make the thing at the scheduled time, you can watch the full video recordings, which transmit the same kind of benefits.

When do the events happen?
Backstage with God events occur 2-4 times per month, and times vary depending on Mellissa's travel schedule. Backstage Pass members will get the invites to these private live-streaming online events, and will be able to ask questions during broadcast. When Mellissa does public in-person events, they get invited to those too at no additional charge.

 Where can I see a list of upcoming events?
Upcoming Backstage with God events are listed here. More may be scheduled in between, as Mellissa is inspired. These last minute additions are often the best! Only members will know about them.

What if I don't like it once I sign up?
You can quit the subscription at any time. You won't get a refund of payments completed, but of course any upcoming payments will be canceled.  

 What is Channeling? 
Have you ever had one of those moments where something comes out of your mouth that is so freakin' brilliant, but you have no idea where it came from? Some people would just say this is your genius speaking. But it really feels like some bigger wisdom is pouring through you. Well, some of us call that "channeling." And we all do it. I happen to have a gift to access it at will.

What exactly are you speaking from? What is channeling through you to speak?
My intention is to give voice to the wisdom of the Creator - the Creative Power - and sometimes this is a feminine feeling source of wisdom that I nickname YoniSpeak, and sometimes this is a more directed masculine council-feeling source of wisdom that I nickname the Council of Creation. But these are all just guesses and nicknames. Maybe I'm just bringing through some higher mind of my own, my subconscious wisdom, or some such. The important thing in my mind is that this wisdom has been giving us useful info that empowers people and feels True. So I keep doing it. It feels right, and it's helping people. Maybe it will help you too.

Why do you say Backstage with "God." I don't like that word "God." Is this a cult or religious or somehow based in some tradition or something?
I use the word "God" as the short word/nickname for the Creator, the Mystery, The Force (a'la Star Wars) and the All-Encompassing Power of Love. Sorry if that word triggers you. I assure you my approach is pragmatic, mystical, and uber open-minded. It's not traditional. Yet people of all traditions have found benefit in listening to the messages that come through me. When it comes down to it, we are all devoted to Love itself and the Highest Good of all people.